This was the beginning

Standing at the open fence that leads to a house you find an open door.

So you make a choice to walk inside and you come across some one in authority who can teach you the fathers right rulings and words, behold by the work of his hands you will become a mighty servant.

By his breath you will learn to watch peoples actions to see if they have the mark of the covenant which resembles the one who is the head of all things.

It all started when you choose to walk through the door of that house, This was the beginning.

Then being secure in your belief you hold open the gate of the fence that leads to the house for others to find that door.

Now that you are strong in his word you can walk toward those that the word is being open to and show them how to worship in spirit and truth as they are now also working to be saved though the Promise made to Abraham from the beginning.

Then as you sit back and watch you will see that only half will except the fathers words and what they have been taught and seek to put YaHUaH first.

Not everyone that finds that door will walk in and be obedient to the chief Creator and his right rulings because they don't want to give up the things of this world!