Praise & Worship

Praise & Worship

Be strong and work, Blow the shofar with a mighty breath.

through Obedience in his word you will receive his mark.

he formed you in the womb, For you have work to do.

Grab your Sefer, and head out the door the rest day is

over and their is work to do. But First, Pray to our

teacher, our leader, YaHUaH. And ask him to guide you on

this journey. Ask him to reveal to those you meet the

door to their salvation.

For you are our leader YaHUaH,

The mighty one of Yishra'el.

The only one who saves!

We work on Obedience to his word.

Because that is the door, Look he has a mark.

Stay in your house praise and worship him. Continue to study his Torah.

And he will surely reveal to you his Mark.

Their will be a time when those that do not worship and

praise his name are pressed down until the blood of the

wrong covers the earth.

Chase the Torah, Chase his word. The key is to worship

(only) him in praise as it has been revealed.

Time to Work, Take his Mark, Enter in and observe his


A strong, Powerful Leader in who's name you are secure.

Chaos is all around you, Stay in and Worship his mighty

name Son.

Contain yourself in his words. And look, know that he is YaHUaH.

Who teaches you and instructs you through worship as

he reveals to you his ways

It's time to show we are secure in his name.

Look, It is time we learn his ways.

As chaos rises around us, we fear not.

For our path he will reveal.

Work to uncover his ways. Uncover his Name.

Surround yourself in what he teaches you and know that

you are secure in his name. Their is power in his name

And in his love you are secure. As chaos spills blood

you stay working, and praising in worship. Work first

then show what's been revealed. The leader of the house

will continue to signal his brothers and sisters

and they will study to show what's been revealed.

This blog was inspired by the Hebrew Scriptures from Job 38:4-6

this is what i get when i take the Hebrew Text and turn it back

into the Paleo Hebrew Language. i hope you enjoyed this and if

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i put out . you know i started my research some years back after

being told his name. i decided if i was going to serve this God i better

get to know what he wants. and at about this time i realized i wasn't

gona get the truth from the church. which was what prompted me

to leave the church. then YaHUaH made it possible to learn his Qodesh

language.(i am very blessed) thank you father. and then after going

through School for the Hebrew Language. He directed me to a Christin

pastor where i found a Torah Code Teacher. and so the story goes i

was with ease excepted into this group nd started to learn how to do

Torah Codes. And i knew it was him. And that he was steering me to

exactly where i am today. at that time he gave me this verse.

Jer 33:3  Call unto Me, and I shall answer you, and show you great and inaccessible matters, which you have not known.’