**ALERT**  Please pray for  Eloise Mayland  She has Falling and Broken her hip. May God Bless her in a short and Painless recovery. Amen



Please Pray for Patrica Wimmer she has found out that she has an infection around her Kidney and has a mass in both lungs and isn't sure yet weather it is bacterial or not May God Bless Her and  Bless her family.



Please pray for Pastor Mowery as his wife is in the hospital and is getting ready to under go surgery tomorrow 02/12/2018  i will keep you all posted on the Status of Mrs Mowery's condition thank you all and God Bless 

02/11/2018 Please Pray for 

Please pray for Debrah's children (Michael,April,Mary,Michael,Joe,and Raylene for  their Salvation and to find the lord Amen  


Please pray for "Steven Shadden" as he has a bone pushing into a nerve and his life is in shambles  they want to put him on opioids and  we just pray that God Touches those on this wall and their family Amen 

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