December 30, 2019

Standing at the open fence that leads to a house you find an open door.
So you make a choice to walk inside and you come across some one in authority who can teach you the fathers right rulings and words, behold by the work of his hands you will become a mighty servant...

December 30, 2019

The Words broken down in Paleo Hebrew~ (And By His Hands) inspired by Proverbs 30:4

And by his Hand.

you will know the tongue as he will reveal it to you
let it consume you and overpower you, because by his hand you will overpower all sin in your life.
And by his hand a...

December 30, 2019   

December 30, 2019

Coming soon all new blog post  some from verses  translated fron the Hebrew back into the Paleo and some just intresting Storys from friends and  things going on  May YaHUaH Baruk Atah Kalam/May YaHUaH Bless You All 

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