The Lost Book Of Herbal Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies is a 318-page book that details all the information about natural healing. Written by Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian Ph.D, the book will help you use herbal medicines that you can find right at your backyard.⁣

Once you buy the book, you will discover 169 healing plants, mushrooms, and lichens that can easily be found in North America and most parts of the world. Containing 3 colorful pictures of each plants to make identifying them easy, the book provides information about the plants, their edible uses, harvesting instruction, and even their therapeutic indexes.⁣

It's made for common folk with no previous plant knowledge. ⁣

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This book saved my life

In living Biblical the first thing we must do is realize that food and medicine have came along way from what they used to be and have been genetically modified!

If getting back to living Biblical is your goal this book is a must for you!

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