Learning the Hebrew Aleph Beyt

The most important thing about the Aleph Beyt is to memorize each Letter "Note" making yourself  (Flash Cards) i have found is the easiest way to learn.

Ok, so now that you have the main 22 letters memorized...the Hebrew Language has what is called a "final form" letter these are letters only found at the end of a word...PS. don't let that scare you it's easy..these final form letters their is only five of them and they are simple you will notice them a lot when reading the text

The Nikkud of the Hebrew Lanague

Then once you  have  learnt the Aleph Beyt  and know each letter by memory then it is time to move on to the vowels (Nikud)..(Note)..Flash Cards are a great idea here also

Numbering of the Hebrew Aleph Beyt

Personal Pronouns

In the Hebrew Language they have what is a (Masculine-Singular & Plural) & a (Feminine- Singular & Plural) on the right is an example of what i am referring to