Meet Minister Mike:  The man behind "Chayalim 4 Yahuah"

Hello Everyone,

My name is Minister Mike I found GOD back in 2005 in a not so great place called "Dauphin County Prison"....I have to say it's weird how our father in heaven works! lol so anyway I was in their on a serious charge looking at some hefty time. now those who know me could tell ya that I was a not so nice kind of guy. I was a wreck!.....I was a crackhead, worthless father, friend, and really was all about myself and the next big party...which really lead me to that path that put me in anyway while I was there I had received a letter from my oldest child. "My Son" a "Jr" and so I open this letter and I start to read........and it goes on to tell me that he misses me and loves me, and then says to me...."well dad I went to church today with "Erica" his girlfriend at that time. and he says well dad I need for you to change!...I know you like to push people around, fight, drink, Etc....but  when I die I would like to have you in heaven with me ...but you wont get there being the person you are now!!!"....and so reading this I immediately fell to my knees in tears.....ashamed at how my life was, where I was at, and most of all that I left this little 12 year old boy down!!! I wasn't the father that I should have been, yet he still loves me...all 4 children do "thank GOD" anyway I got up I went to the cell door and I asked the guard to speak to the Chaplin....and it all started in that moment!....with the Chaplin's help I ask the lord for forgiveness and repented I gave my life to God.... "Quick Story" I hope you enjoyed this story and I look forward to bringing you the most up to date and recent news about the world, and how it relates to biblical prophecy amen, God Bless and have a great day.

                                                                                      Yours Truly,

                                                                                     Minister Mike